Project Description

2023 October 26 – November 25

A HOLY SHOW: Cecilia Bullo (Italy/Ireland), Sandro Chia (Italy), Liz Finch (England), John Gibbons (Ireland), Patrick Graham (Ireland), Marcelle Hanselaar (Netherlands), Gottfried Helnwein (Austria/Ireland), Kevin Mooney (Ireland)

Certainly in this part of the world, organised religion has been on a decline in recent years. Yet, symbols of worship continue to be represented in art, film, music and society. There is a growing rejection of a higher power, and still, the world is rife with references to it.

Contemporary art regularly incorporates all kinds of religious iconography. This religious imagery is often used out of its traditional context and accepted understanding, raising questions as to whom religious histories and symbols belong and how we should respond to such works. Perhaps artists are turning to spiritual philosophies and religious iconography to examine their own beliefs and make sense of our current moment in time, one replete with global conflict and consumerism. The artists in this exhibition have all engaged with or questioned this concept in unique ways.